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About Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy’s first female physician, revolutionized childhood education with her Montessori method.

The Montessori method encourages the child’s natural tendency towards self-teaching and is based on the premise that children learn best by doing.  A basic Montessori tenet is that a child thrives in an environment that supports the individual and offers appropriate materials and guidance.  

Dr. Montessori’s goal was to assist the child to reach full potential in all areas of life.  Through “hands on” learning, children are given the opportunity to work independently or in groups, make decisions, learn to manage their time and develop strong communication and academic skills.  Consequently, these skills along with a sense of social responsibility, respect for others and an awareness of one’s own value and uniqueness, help children formulate healthy, positive self images.