about us

The child is at the centre of our thinking at Barrie Montessori School. We believe, as did Dr. Maria Montessori, that education should awaken each child's natural desire to learn. Our learning environment encourages the constant consideration of our impact on others' well being and thus we emphasize service to others and global awareness. As a community, we seek to instil the values of: respectfulness, honesty, integrity, and responsibility.

We employ fully trained teachers and teaching assistants. Our teaching staff observes each child's development, noting particular interests and promoting individual passions. Our teachers recognize their responsibility to spark each student's curiosity, imagination, and desire to observe, question, and explore. They facilitate the "match" between the learner and knowledge, and honour each child's innate desires to learn and play. BMS teachers create a classroom community that emphasizes high self-esteem, kindness, and courtesy.

Collaboration among students, teachers and parents is essential for student success. In our classroom communities: children learn by doing and by watching others work, younger and older children develop natural mentoring relationships and children enjoy a strong student-teacher relationship. We strive to create a supportive, nurturing partnership with parents which will contribute to each child's academic and personal growth.

Our classrooms are fully equipped with Montessori materials which stimulate logical thought and discovery of abstract ideas. Classroom work is both self-directed and guided, so that all children have the liberty to study how and what interests them within limits established by loving, practiced adults. In addition to traditional Montessori materials, many classroom activities are designed by our teachers, who monitor and adapt work according to the needs and interests of the children and the classroom. All activities, projects, and assignments are designed to recognize and address different learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses. Materials are available for repetition and mastery, and children are encouraged to share their experiences with others in a social setting.