Barrie Montessori School offers Elementary students ( Grades 1-5) an extra-ordinary educational experience: the opportunity to work at an individual pace and pursue personal interests and, at the same time, to collaborate, learn from, and teach others, to be a productive, active part of a community. The shared BMS experience allows children to foster a love of learning while providing solid academic skills that will serve the student throughout his/her academic career.

Competent, curious, and creative, Barrie Montessori students adapt to new challenges and new environments. Our students are encouraged to be open to new ideas and situations, and they are willing to take intellectual risks. Our students are encouraged to ask questions, to learn how to find answers, and to process information for real understanding, not just rote memorization.

The Elementary program has a solid focus on academic excellence and character development. These concepts are continually developed through real world experience and applications. Our elementary trained teachers are able to integrate the teaching of all subjects, not as isolated disciplines but as part of a whole intellectual education. The Elementary program is made up of connective lessons integrating math, sciences, geography, history and language arts. The students learn within a philosophical system by asking questions, doing open-ended research, completing in-depth studies, using concrete materials and other visual aids providing a linguistic and visual overview of each subject area. Studies are integrated not only in terms of subject matter but in terms of moral learning as well, resulting in appreciation and respect for life, moral empathy and contribution of each individual.


“When interested, a child becomes self-motivated. Self-motivation leads to self-discipline. When self-disciplined, a child engages in a process of mastery and develops his or her potential.” Maria Montessori