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Pre-School (CASA)

(2 1/2 years - 6 years)

Pre-School (CASA)

Recognizing the importance of early development, we have created a program that stimulates academic learning, enhances social skills and develops character, self respect and confidence.

Small groups and individual instruction characterize the Casa classroom. Children enjoy learning together in an atmosphere of warmth, safety, kindness and mutual respect. Our classroom environments provide a wide variety of materials and experiences appropriate to a range of intellectual, emotional, and physical developmental levels.

Teachers move throughout the classroom, facilitating children’s work choices and social interactions as they carefully observe and record the key points of each child’s day. Open-ended work periods encourage children to develop concentration, to make choices on their own, and to learn to manage portions of their time independently. By working in small groups, children are also encouraged to develop their academic skills and collaboration abilities.

By learning in mixed-age groups either 2 ˝ to 4 years old or 3 ˝ to 6 years old, our students focus on their individual progress, not the progress of their classmates. Students who have mastered work are encouraged to advance to new challenges beyond a standard curriculum.

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