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At Barrie Montessori School, we believe in nurturing the spark of potential within each and every child. Our experienced educators are passionate about furthering this cause through a unique approach informed by Montessori philosophy. Don't just take our word for it see what clients have to say with these glowing reviews! 

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  • "It was 2014 when we moved to Barrie for dual employment opportunity both for my wife and I at The Royal Victoria Hospital. As it always is for all parents, finding a good school for our daughter, Sarah, was the second most important task at hand. We read reviews of many schools in Barrie - public and private; asked colleagues at work about schools in town and at the end visited few schools in our short list. The Barrie Montessori & Private School (BMS) captured our attention. We never had previous experience in the Montessori educational model. But, given the good word of mouth that we received from multiple parents who had sent their children to this school, we thought it was worth trying it. Sarah was two-and-half year old when she first walked through the doors of BMS and started the CASA program. Today, she is eleven years old and in grade five and still at BMS. We could not think of any better place for Sarah's early education. We are grateful for BMS's team for their intellectual and academic investment in our daughter. In all aspects, this school exceeded all of our imaginable expectations. BMS will always be part of Sarah's genetic blueprint and we, as a family, will always have fond memories of it for years to come. Salma & Abdul "

    Abdul and Salma
  • "The staff at Barrie Montessori School are amazing! During this pandemic, the staff have shown that the health, safety, comfort and well being of all the children is paramount. I'm very impressed with the measures taken to ensure that staff and students remain safe and healthy. During these difficult times, the staff and management have been warm and supportive. I also have a great deal of respect for the support that all staff show when educating and inspiring my daughter to be the best she can be! "

    Phil Thompson
  • "Barrie Montessori School has exceeded all our expectations! As a teacher, I was diligent in researching education options for my son. Overall, I am impressed with the programming options that BMS offers young children, the teachers are knowledgeable about the Montessori philosophy and are truly nurturing. The school offers large, spacious classrooms with an abundance of natural light. The outdoor area is a natural playground area that offers children space to run, play, kick a ball, play around the sandbox and complete chalkboard drawings! The lunch program is super nutritious--offering a large variety of fresh, locally sourced items daily. My son has created strong bonds with his teachers and loves his classmates. I am grateful to have found BMS and enjoy being part of the school community. "

    Samantha Walker
  • "I contacted Barrie Montessori school and I received a phone call back right away! The principal was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions. After comparing other Montessori daycares, I am confident that Barrie Montessori is authentic in following the Montessori philosophy. Their classrooms offer a lot of natural light and are very spacious. The playground is huge and the gym is a great place to play when it is raining outside! As a parent of a child with a peanut allergy, I appreciate that the school does not allow outside food to come in. I look forward to many years of education at Barrie Montessori School!"

    Sara Connelly
  • "I have sent both of my children to this school; my eldest attended from grades 3-5 and my youngest attended from CASA PS-SK. Both children greatly benefitted from the warmth of the teachers, the principal and the rest of the school community. Their academics improved greatly. Since leaving Barrie Montessori School, the children often speak of fond memories of their time there. They have excelled in their current schooling, extracting from the confidence of their learning at BMS!"

    Nadia McIlveen
  • "Amazing Staff, amazing organization, amazing school. I can't stress enough how much my son and I love this school. The teachers know all the students and visa versa. Kids are taught more than just academics. They learn how to socialize properly. I volunteered on a field trip with my son and I've never seen such well behaved children. Other schools were on the same trip and the kids were out of hand. The difference between the kids was mind blowing. I am so proud that my son is part of this school. Can't say enough good things about them. Barrie Montessori has been and continues to be outstanding. We will be attending this school right up until grade 6. Hoping by then they will go to grade 8. You won't be disappointed!"

    Angela Clarke
  • "The teachers are fabulous. The care is exceptional. My child has attended this school for 4 years and that is reflected in her academic achievements."

    Jennifer A
  • "Our 2 children have been attending BMS for the past 3 years. The most important thing to us, is how much they enjoy going to school every day. The teachers are fantastic, administration is great, and the before and after care and summer camp options are a terrific bonus. We have been very happy with this school."

    Stacey Stanton
  • "Since the day we first visited Barrie Montessori & Elementary Private School and had a chance to learn about the program from Ms. Allen, there was never any question in our minds about where our children would attend school. I can't say enough good things about the entire staff (teachers and administration) at Barrie Montessori School. They are a wonderful group of educators who are passionate about the Montessori philosophy and dedicated to its approach of following the individual child. We see the results of this on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. Our children, as different as they might be, are happy, courteous, respectful and self-confident individuals who learn for the joy of learning. Our eldest daughter finished at BMS last year and transitioned into public school for her Grade 7 year. Her current teachers often comment on how our daughter approaches learning and easily sees the interconnectedness of subject areas. Her knowledge base is incredible, and she applies her knowledge to the world around her. She collaborates with her peers and takes pride in her work. We also observe our youngest daughter learning to do the same. I can honestly say that BMS prepares their students academically, socially and emotionally! We regularly receive complements on how polite, respectful and articulate our girls are when meeting new people. The programming and staff at BMS deserve much of the credit for instilling these traits in my daughters. My wife and I also appreciate the level of communication that we receive daily. In addition to being able to talk to the teachers at the end of the school day, we also always have access to administration. The "open door" policy that Ms. Allen offers, ensures that we always have our questions answered in a timely manner. For the past 9 years, Barrie Montessori School has consistently surpassed our expectations. Thank you, Barrie Montessori School! Now... how about a high school???"

    Michael Polson

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