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At BMS we recognize and honour that the teacher and student relationship is a significant part of the learning process. As a result, BMS is committed to hiring teachers of excellence. We employ teachers and teaching assistants who are fully trained in the areas of child development, early education and Ministry of Education curriculum. Not only do we hire the very best teachers, but our teacher to student ratio allows every child to be known at a highly personal level.

Our teachers provide an environment that fosters studentsí abilities to think for themselves, guides them to a love of learning and encourages them to explore all possibilities. Our teaching staff observes each childís development, noting particular interests and promoting individual passions. Our teachers recognize their responsibility to spark each studentís curiosity, imagination, and desire to observe, question, and explore. They facilitate the match between the learner and knowledge and honor each childís innate desires to learn and play. BMS teachers create a classroom community that emphasizes high self esteem, kindness, and courtesy.

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