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Primary: Early Concepts

  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts: English
  • French Immersion

Through the Primary program, your child will be introduced to early Language and Mathematical concepts using Montessori practices. The Language program offers reading, comprehension, spelling, grammar, and oral communication strategies, using a blend of Montessori materials and PM

Benchmark books. The Montessori Reading Series focuses on phonemic awareness and allows your child to practice sounds and writing according to their individual level of learning. The Mathematics program will use Montessori manipulatives to practice early number sense, where students will develop a concrete understanding before working towards abstract mathematical concepts. Students enrolled in the French Immersion program will focus on both oral and written components by building vocabulary through conversational French, as well as practicing formal sentence structure.

Note: Your child does not need prior experience with Montessori materials to enter the program. They will be introduced to the manipulatives with instruction from their tutor. Your child will remain with the same tutor weekly, as tutors will record and track the progress of your child. Cleaning procedures are in place between sessions, so that your child will not come in contact with materials used by other students.

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