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Junior: Reinforcing Concepts

  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts
  • Language Arts: English and French

Students in the Junior level will learn to incorporate new skills that reinforce their current foundation of early Language and Mathematical concepts. Tutors in this program will introduce Montessori materials to your child, while comparing concepts to the traditional Ontario curriculum. Students will enhance their Language skills by demonstrating reading comprehension and writing practices. Using their prior knowledge of spelling and grammar will allow students to define their purpose and audience for their writing, as well as explore diverse perspectives. In the Mathematics program, students will strengthen their number sense by applying a concrete understanding to multiplication, division, and geometry. Students will use workbooks to record their knowledge as they work with both manipulatives and abstract assignments. Students enrolled in the English and French program will receive instruction for 30 minutes in French, working on vocabulary, verb conjugation, and oral communication skills, with the last 30 minutes based on English language skills.

Note: Your child does not need prior experience with Montessori materials to enter the program. They will be introduced to the manipulatives with instruction from their tutor. Your child will remain with the same tutor weekly, as tutors will record and track the progress of your child. Cleaning procedures are in place between sessions, so that your child will not come in contact with materials used by other students.

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