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Intermediate: Assignment Based

  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts
  • Language Arts: English and French

Students in the Intermediate grade level have the opportunity to enhance their Language and Mathematics skills by incorporating school assignments into their tutoring session. The role of the Private Tutor is to assist and prompt the student to complete their assignment independently, by offering knowledge and strategies on how to work to completion. Strategies such as planning, editing, and revision will be implemented into your childís program, and will be encouraged to be practiced daily to reinforce independent application. When students do not have a specific school assignment to work on, Private Tutors will devise lessons based on your childís needs. 

Note: Your child does not need prior experience with Montessori materials to enter the program. They will be introduced to the manipulatives with instruction from their tutor. Your child will remain with the same tutor weekly, as tutors will record and track the progress of your child. Cleaning procedures are in place between sessions, so that your child will not come in contact with materials used by other students.

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