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The Barrie Montessori Tutoring Program offers a unique learning experience based on the individual needs and interests of your child. Our Tutoring Program is delivered by trained professionals with experience in education, who develop specific lessons using a child-centred approach. The use of Montessori materials will be introduced to your child to strengthen their learning, with a time for self-reflection at the end of each session for your child to solidify the concepts they have learned. Our programs are offered as an 8-Week or 10-Week schedule.

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Primary: Early Concepts

Through the individualized Primary tutoring program, your child will be introduced to early Language and Mathematical concepts using Montessori practices.

Junior: Reinforcing Concepts

Students in the Junior level will learn to incorporate new skills that reinforce their current foundation of early Language and Mathematical concepts.

Intermediate: Assignment Based

At the Intermediate Level, their Language and Mathematics skills are further enhanced by incorporating school assignments into their tutoring sessions.